emergency shutdown systems

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Emergency Shutdown Systems

Piermont designs and manufactures a series of unique, very high reliability actuator and valve systems for this very demanding and important service. These systems ared designed to meet specific customer requirements for closing or opening with extreme reliability. These units are built to military standards of reliability. Typical service is: on pipelines in remote areas without support, in plants controlling flammable/dangerous materials that must shut off in an emergency (such ans fire or earthquake, and in storage systems where overfilling could cause serious safety issues. The following photos show stwo of the larger units Piermont has built.

Quarter turn, spring return “Emergency Shutdown Actuator” mounted to 8″ ANSI 150 ball valve. 1400 lbs/ft torque. Self contained all weather hydraulic system of corrosion resistant materials for opening valve and conteolling closing rate. Hand pump used for opening valve. When actuator is in armed mode, valve will close on loss of 48V safety signal.

Actuator/8″ ball valve combo with covers removed to show internal mechanisms.

Actuator/8″ valve combo
installed in methane line.

Quarter turn, spring return ” Emergency Shutdown Actuator” mounted to 6″ ANSI 150 ball valve being boxed for shipment to customer. 800 lbs/ft torque. Self contained all weather hydraulic system for opening valve controlling (fixed) closing rate. Partial closing option installed.

Acutator/6″ valve combo installed in natural gas line.

Options for ESVs include:

Powered hydraulic pump: Hydraulic system pump can be powered by air , electricity, or even external hydraulic power. In one appilication to date, valve opening is accomplished with customer’s external hydraulic system connected directly to actuator components.

Time delay: Delays triggering emergency valve closure until a certain amount of time has elapsed. Prevents shutdown with only a momentary interruption of power. In the one application to date, time delay was 15 seconds. A closure alarm was also added.

Adaptive closing rate control: Adds a modulating valve to the closing system that monitors upstream pressure to control valve closing speed. This prevents upstream fluid from generating pressures beyond the piping rated pressure.

Partial close test: Adds an optional stop that allows partial ( usually 20%) closing of the valve to allow safety testing without interrupting service.

Armored service: Small arms fire resistant housing for remote.unguarded locations that could cause valve to prematurely close. Also can include explosion proof environments.

Status switches/lights: Various on-off and proportional intdicators for valve position and system status for remote control and monitoring.

Submerged service: Sealed and equalized housing, specialized materials and components that allow undersea use.

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