custom submersible switches

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Custom Submersible Switches From Piermont

Piermont is capable of building submersible switches to meet customer needs. In response to customer requests, Piermont has built:

  • Pressure / Depth Switches.
  • Position/ Status Switches.
  • Float Switches.

Many of these existing designs can be utilized or adapted for specific customer needs. Remember- Specials are our specialty!

Here are a few examples of the switch types that Piermont can provide:

Depth Pressure Switch

Adjustable for depth between 20′ (10 PSI) and 160′ (80 PSI). Withstands depths to 12,000′ (6,000 PSI) without change in setting. Flange mounted to underwater vessel. 10 AMP SPDT. 2% deadband. 6 AL-4V titanium housing. 300 stainless & monel internals. Military Test System.

Position Switch

Plunger actuated 5 AMP SPDT. 1/8″ plunger travel. Tested to 12,000′ (6,000 PSI), 400° F. Stainless steel construction with 4 pin UW grounding connector. Subsea oil production system.

Differential Float Switch

Float operated. Float discriminates between water and liquid methane. (Floats on water, sinks on methane.) 5 AMP SPDT. Tested to 12,000′ (6,000 PSI), 400° F temperature. Special narrow design to fit into gas well production string. 3 pin UW connector. Switches on water pump in gas well. 3/4″ diameter x 14″ long stainless steel construction.

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