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Piermont Valve & Control

Special Flow Devices & Systems
High Pressure Gas Supply System

Miniature Manifold Mounted Dual Outlet Pressure Gas Supply System Consisting of a Squib (Electro-Explosive) Actuated Valve, Regulator, Storage Bottle, Test and Outlet Ports, and Check Valve. 1/32", 8000/130 PSI Argon Gas. Missile Seeker Prototype.

Rotary Selector Valve/Rotary Union

Combination 1/8", 8 Position Rotary Plug Valve, 3-Way, 125 PSI Air, Combined with 2 Passage Hydraulic Rotary Union - 3/16" 3,000 PSI Supply and 3/8" 25 PSI Return. 1/8" NPT Connections for Air, 3/16" SAE O-ring Ports for Hydraulic Supply, 3/8" NPT for Hydraulic Return. For High Speed Automatic Assembly Machine.

Metering & Shutoff Valve

Provides 25 remotely controlled incremental orifice sizes for very precise flow control of corrosive rocket feul & gasses. Special manifold mount. Vacuum to 6,000 PSI. 300 series stainless steel construction with PTFE seals. Digital position output. Explosive environment. 1/2".

Pneumatic Rocket Valve with Pressure Sensor/Relief

O-ring sealed plug valve integrated into pneumatic rocket nozzle. 4,000 PSI. Raised pin on end of plug indicates sufficient pressure for launch. Pressure relief at 4,500 PSI. Stainless steel.

Dual Pressure Test Set

Provides two regulated pressure outputs, the second output having a -50 psi +-1psi difference from the first output. 1/2 psi hysteresis between reference pressure increase vs. decrease. First output manually adjustable from 0 to 10,000 psi. Shutoff valves for inlet, outlets, and test gauges. Built in safety vent system. For testing large rocket fuel tanks.

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